Hello! I'm Judith Rocabert an Author and an Illustrator for Children who loves to play and live creatively.

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I’m Judith Rocabert, a picture book maker living with my husband and daughter in a little Mediterranean village, surrounded of pines, a marvellous blue sky, and a lot of disturbing spiders.

After receiving a degree in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University in Valencia (Bancaja Final Dregree Award), I moved to Barcelona to work in the audiovisual  industry. During some years I worked in animation projects as Chico & Rita, the Oscar nominated film.

Meanwhile, I continued studying a Master in interactive Arts at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where I learned with great teachers as the type designer Andreu Balius.

That experience, gave me a strong vision of what illustrated stories could become if combined with interactivity. In 2013 I wrote, illustrate and designed the navigation of interactive app for children “Gato sin Cola”, that won the 2013 Valencia Crea National award for interactive design.

Now, after some years teaching I have decided to focus on my great passion: The creation of Picture books. My background in audiovisual narrative gives me an interesting approach to the picture book creation, as I understand the dynamics and relations between the image and the story.

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Valencia Crea 2013 Nacional award for interaction design “Gato sin Cola”

Valencia Crea Premi Ciutat de València 2013 / categoria Videocreación.

2011 Premi Mercé Llimona, Mention.

2009 Bancaja Final Degree Award.